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 Hi there!  First of all, thanks so much for being here.  I'm here because of you. 

My name is Melissa... hence the Melissa Smith Designs.  I've always been a crafty person with an entrepreneurial mindset.  I have 2 adorable little boys and while I will occasionally make things for them, I get the most joy out of making beautiful girls' clothes for others.... mainly because they are so fun :)

 I put a lot of heart and time into every item I make.  Every item in my shop is made to order (with the occasional "ready to ship drop") and made by me personally in a small corner of my family room.  Unlike a lot of the pieces you find in the stores that tend to be cheaply made and full of glitter, I love classy but fun patterns keeping in mind the very nature of a child.  All of my clothes are modest and versatile.

  I have also started making pocket tees for adults and children.  These are a great opportunity to match those little ones and stay comfy at the same time :)

 If you have any questions regarding my items, please feel free to reach out to me.